Educational and scientific seminar of the student scientific society

The final seminar of the scientific society “Kefir” (Karelia – energy efficiency and resource conservation) was held at the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences, PetrSU.
Before going on summer holidays, the members of the Kafir student scientific society discussed their scientific plans for the summer and summer practice – a great time to collect material. The reports of the graduate students, which they prepared on the basis of their graduation works, were heard.

The greatest interest was aroused by Dmitry Bazhenov’s report on the topic “Design of water supply and drainage systems in a 17-storey residential building in Petrozavodsk”, where, in addition to water supply issues, the author presented the design models of the frame of a multi-storey building made in various software environments.

Have a nice summer and fruitful work. See you next school year, the organizers of the seminars, G.N. Kolesnikov, Yu.V. Nikonov and M.I. Zaitsev.

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