Educational Initiatives to host conference in Chandigarh for school principals and teachers; aims to make students PISA-ready


New Delhi: India will participate in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2021, after a gap of 12 years. A small group of scientifically selected students from Government-run Kendriya Vidyalayas, Navodaya Vidyalayas and schools in Chandigarh will write the test that year. Conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), PISA evaluates educational systems in the participant nations by measuring the scholastic performance of 15-year-old school students in Mathematics, Science and reading. India had previously appeared for PISA in 2009 when it ranked second last among 73 countries.

In order to improve the PISA ranking, Indian students need to build a strong base of skills and conceptual learning. Having identified this need, Educational Initiatives (EI), India’s most preferred education solutions provider, is hosting a conference in Chandigarh on November 27, 2019. Targeted at school principals and teachers, the conference will focus on the scope of PISA 2021 and how to leverage the power of asking good questions in getting students PISA-ready.

With its world-class and internationally recognized student assessment and benchmarking programmes, teacher assessment and need identification, and streamlining of examinations and academic processes, EI can help students from grade 6-9 to get prepared for PISA.

EI’s ASSET test has been recognised and mandated by the Ministry of Education, UAE and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai for all Indian schools in the country. It has been serving to provide benchmarking to the schools and helping the government evaluate how the schools have been faring year-on-year so that they can provide required interventions in order to ensure that the schools are on track to meeting the country’s target of performing in the top 20 countries in PISA 2021.

In addition to ASSET, EI’s customized data-driven formative assessment programme Detailed Assessment (DA) helps improve the overall performance of students. Once teachers conduct a Detailed Assessment test for a particular topic, they are provided with reports highlighting the specific learning gaps that should be addressed before moving on to the next topic. Teachers are then provided with practice worksheets and lesson plan recommendations. Further, the school’s management also gets access to immediate actionable reports which act as a barometer for gauging students’ learning levels. Following this, they can leverage EI’s AI-based personalized, adaptive learning tool Mindspark to bridge the learning gaps and strengthen the conceptual understanding of students.

Educational Initiatives (EI) is India’s leading education research organization and one of the largest assessments companies in the world. EI leverages cutting-edge educational research and technology-based solutions to revolutionize the quality of learning in school (K-12) education. EI products ASSET, Mindspark and Detailed Assessment – have been used by 3500+ schools in India and have benefited over 4 million students globally. visit

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