Educational practice at the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Students of the 3rd course of the direction of training “Linguistics. Translation and Translation Studies” completed training practice to obtain professional skills.
The final event was a visit to the exhibition “Northern Quadrille”. The guest of the meeting was Alice Pontini from Italy. The excursion was led by Yulia Andreevna Fokina, a researcher at the National Museum.

The students were given the task to carry out an oral consecutive translation of the text of the excursion from Russian into English, which the students successfully coped with.

Alice asked a lot of questions that also needed to be translated in order to maintain a dialogue between the guide and the guest and to carry out communication. In conclusion, Alice noted that she liked the exhibition, she was impressed by the exhibits with such a rich history.

The educational practice of students of the direction “Linguistics. Translation and Translation Studies” presupposes the improvement of the skills and abilities of written translation and oral consecutive translation. The practice is distributed. The bases of practice are the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia and the Kizhi Museum.


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