Educator first edtech startup OrangeSlates & All India Educator’s Forum announce the ‘Learn Fest 2022’; the largest learning festival for Educators

New Delhi: OrangeSlates, one of the fastest-growing teacher skilling platforms in the country, along with All India Educators Forum (AIEF), have announced their ‘Learn Fest 2022’ with a theme ‘Seamless Learning Experiences’ for educators in the wake of the pandemic and subsequent paradigm shift from the physical class set up to Hybrid Learning. The Learn Fest is slated for Saturday, January 8, 2021. The digital event will start at IST 9 am and go on till 7 pm. It is a Free of cost online up-skilling event for teachers and educators in general to learn critical teaching strategies, latest edtech tools and various self-care tips.

The fest aims to empower over 35,000 teacher and education industry participants with 10 power-packed interactive sessions like New Age Bloom’s Taxonomy, The Pedagogy of Experiential Learning, Gamification in Teaching & Learning, 360 Degree Report Card Building, Implementation of NEP in the Classroom and some more sessions aimed at helping educators understand the best ways of integrating technology into classrooms. The fest offers over 1000 learning minutes, 100s of useful resources and a Digital Goodie bag worth ₹15000 to all participants.

The Learn Fest 2022 is curated to bring together educators from across the country on a common platform to achieve seamless knowledge sharing and learning. The digital medium has fast benefitted students, and the Learn Fest, OrangeSlates, and All India Educators forum have made an attempt to simplify learning and the changing education methods for educators in the country. The shift to digital education has further segmented into categories like online, offline, hybrid, and blended education models. This shift gives a need for teacher upskilling to be at par with the changing methods and stay relevant in their careers. OrangeSlates’ proprietary platform offers short live programs and self-paced courses for educators to understand the changing needs of the education system and adapt to them sooner and more effectively.

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