Edusports is now Sportz Village Schools; aims to empower students through sports in India

Hyderabad: EduSports will henceforth be known as Sportz Village Schools, which was founded in 2009 with a vision to make sports an integral part of every child’s education and upbringing. Sportz Village Group encompasses three brands under it, which have been re-branded from EduSports to Sportz Village Schools, KOOH Sports to Sportz Village Academies and Sportz Consult to Sportz Village XP. This new identity of the company will bring in several benefits to schools, like the in-school programs, sports excellence programs and amateur tournaments.

Over the last decade the company has been working with both private and government schools, to help children become healthier and fitter through their in-school sports education programs. The organization is currently working with over 1,300 schools across 250 locations, impacting more than 7,00,000 children.

Even though schools had physical education and sports as a part of their prescribed curriculum and timetable, in most cases, they were not able to deliver the promise of a good physical education and sports program covering all the children. The sports and physical education programs in most schools were neither inclusive nor age-appropriate. Thus, the children were not able to learn the right sports-specific skills at the right age. Hence, Sportz Village Schools was formed with the idea of delivering a holistic education through sports by partnering with schools and completely integrating into the school’s system.

Commenting on the transformation Saumil Majmudar, CEO – Sportz Village said, “The strategic rationale of bringing the three companies together into one large youth sports platform is very powerful indeed. A child can begin his or her journey with Sportz Village at a very young age and develop into an active and fit adult with Sportz Village. We wish to keep developing the platform and get 100 million children to play.”

The organization partners with schools and integrates its program into the school’s curriculum. The Sportz Village Schools’ curriculum is designed based on NASPE (National Association for Sports and Physical Education, USA) standards.

Also, under the Sportz Village umbrella, Sportz Village Foundation partners with governments and corporates to implement sports programs in government schools. Sportz Village Foundation is committed to transforming the lives of children, belonging to underprivileged communities, through the magic of sports.