Eight government and 5 private universities of Madhya Pradesh NAAC recognized

Bhopal : Governor Shri Lalji Tandon has stated the need to extend the cycle of NAAC from the current March to November 2020 for 6 months for universities with NAAC grading in the state. He has sent a letter to the NAAC Director urging him to extend the duration of the grading cycle. The letter also urges that the current validity period of NAAC should be extended cycle wise.

Secretary to the Governor, Shri Manohar Dubey informed that eight government and five private universities of Madhya Pradesh have NAAC grading. The recognition of NAAC grading of five of these universities is from March to November 2020. All the universities are in the process of preparing a Self Study Report (SSR) for the next cycle of NAAC grading. All the universities have made necessary arrangements to present their reports to NAAC. Necessary records are being prepared. In view of the deepening crisis of COVID -19 pandemic in the world, country and state, all the universities of the state have been temporarily locked down as per the instructions of the government. Due to this unprecedented crisis, it is not possible for universities to submit Self-Study-Report (SSR) for the next NAAC grading cycle 2020.

He informed that the Governor has instructed to increase the cycle of NAAC grading for 6 months from March to November in this context. This will enable the universities to complete the NAAC grading process in the extended period. In the next phase, they will be able to present their case in front of NAAC. He told that Barkatullah University has NAAC validity till April 2020, Jiwaji University till March 2020, Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya University Chitrakoot till September 2020 and Rani Durgavati University till March 2020. He informed that among government universities, the validity of NAAC grading of Awadhesh Pratap Singh University Rewa is till January 2021. Similarly, the validity of Vikram University Ujjain is till November 2020 whereas the validity of Rajiv Gandhi University of Technology Bhopal is till June 2023. Devi Ahilya University Indore has obtained NAAC validity in 2020.

He told that NAAC validity of Jaypee University Guna (private university) till November 2021. Rabindranath Tagore Bhopal has NAAC validity till November 2021, ITM University Gwalior till August 2023, People’s University Bhopal and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic University Katni till November 2023.