Eindhoven University of Technology: ASML makes generous donations to the 65-year-old TU/e

The total value of the donations is around 3.5 million euros. One of the presents is a CD-SEM (critical dimension scanning electron microscope). This device is used to check the dimensions of lithographically produced photonic elements at nanoscale. The university will also receive a ‘direct laser write lithography’ system that makes micro patterns with an ultraprecise laser beam.

The two devices will be installed in the university’s NanoLab and will play an important role in researching the microchip technologies of the future. ASML is also funding the equipment of new student labs and the maintenance of the ASML scanner of TU/e.

“We are extremely grateful to ASML for these wonderful presents,” commented TU/e President Robert-Jan Smits about the donations. “Not only will this come in very handy in our new Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute, but it will also help us to even better educate the engineers that the employers in this region need so much. These donations underline TU/e’s particularly good relationship with ASML, and with the industry in the Brainport region.”

“We hope that these devices will enable researchers and students at TU/e to push the boundaries of knowledge and achieve scientific breakthroughs, and thereby contribute to a better future. Because that is the power of technology. And we hope that students at TU/e will gain even more high-tech knowledge,” says Frank Schuurmans, Vice-President Research at ASML.

Physicist Robbert Dijkgraaf today officially opened the Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute (EHCI) at TU/e, together with Gerda Casimir, daughter of the renowned physicist and industry leader Hendrik Casimir. Dijkgraaf also gave a keynote speech, as did VNO-NCW president Ingrid Thijssen.

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