Eindhoven University of Technology: Excellent research assessments department Mathematics and Computer Science


In beginning of 2022, two research assessments of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science have been carried out. The assessments were carried out by two specialized committees: one for Computer Science (including Data Science) and one for Mathematics. The committees consisted of international leading experts.

It was their task to assess the scientific quality and relevance and utility to society of research conducted in the reference period 2015 – 2020, as well as its strategic targets. Accordingly, three main criteria are considered in the assessment: research quality, relevance to society, and viability. In addition, the following four specific aspects were incorporated: open science, PhD policy and training, academic culture, and human resources policy.
The outcome of both assessments was extremely successful: the department of Mathematics and Computer Science has received two excellent evaluations.

The committees substantiated and articulated their final judgments as follows:

Computer Science
According to the committee, “The quality of the research during the evaluation period was very good to excellent as demonstrated by a number of indicators such as the number of best paper awards, the numerous prestigious PhD awards, the use of the results by peers, the high visibility in the international community, its researchers taking leading role in editorial activities and organisation of scientific events. The TU/e CS unit has maintained strong ties with industry and is thus well poised for its research to continue to have a strong socio-economic impact in the future.”

EduRank, an independent ranking based on metrics of 14,131 universities from 183 countries, has designated TU/e as the number one in the field of Software Engineering in Europe and the Netherlands. Worldwide, TU/e is in an impressive third place, just behind famous institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

According to the committee, “The quality of the research and output of the department is excellent. The TU/e gives a wonderful example on how interdisciplinary research and cooperation between the fields of mathematics, computer science, data science and industry lead to outstanding, important, and societal relevant research output. The reputation of mathematics at TU/e is very high and deservedly so. The members demonstrate scientific leadership in many ways.” ”Furthermore, the department manages to attract excellent researchers from all over the world.”

“The combination of doing applied research (as a technical university) with fundamental, curiosity driven research has led to impressive, high quality research output and impact and valorisation. The department has a clear view on its strengths, which is visible in its strategy and viability.”

Although there will always be room for improvement in the future, the outcome of the assessments fills the Department Board with enormous pride. All members of the Board would like to thank everyone who made these wonderful results possible.

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