Eindhoven University of Technology: New Eindhoven student housing covenant signed

Eindhoven has a new covenant Student Housing, for the period 2021-2028. It is a continuation of the Covenant on Student Housing 2012-2020. The covenant is an initiative of the Municipality of Eindhoven, Holland Expat Center South, TU/e, Fontys Hogescholen, Design Academy Eindhoven, Summa College, Woonbedrijf / Vestide, Stichting Vastgoedbelang, Stehven and Brainport Development. Together they want to make a long-term commitment to the students of Eindhoven and to Eindhoven as an attractive and hospitable student city.

Influx of talent
Eindhoven is growing and, as an important part of the Brainport region, has great ambitions to grow even further. The number of (international) students is also increasing. An influx of talent from home and abroad is essential for the development of the Brainport region in Eindhoven. This is why Eindhoven wants to be a city where students like to come, feel at home and also continue to live and work after completing their studies.

Suitable housing supply
Attracting and retaining (international) students requires excellent education, the prospect of work and an appropriate supply of housing. The covenant therefore not only contains agreements about realizing new housing, but also about what quality we strive for and about building as much as needed. Attention is also paid to the entire residential career of students and to involving companies and institutions that have an interest in attracting, retaining and binding talent in and around Eindhoven.

Housing and living environment
In addition to providing sufficient and affordable housing for students, the covenant also contains other joint objectives in the field of living and living environment.
For the well-being of students, good tenant and landlord management is essential. To this end, the Huurteam (tenancy team) was successfully launched in 2020. This team helps students with (legal) questions about, for example, rent, service costs and maintenance of the residence.

The covenant also pays great attention to international students both in production, allocation and guidance towards housing. Finally, Eindhoven is a city of and for everyone. A good relationship between students and local residents is therefore an important condition for a pleasant living climate. Student initiatives that contribute to the quality of life in the neighborhoods are therefore encouraged.

New student complex
TU/e Vice President Nicole Ummelen is one of the signatories. “We are a proud partner of this covenant. We are very happy that we can take this on in Eindhoven as a collective, and it is great that students themselves are so actively involved. Of course we are going to cooperate wholeheartedly in realizing the objectives of the covenant. We at TU/e, together with Woonbedrijf, are making a major contribution through the realization of a new student complex on our campus, which will start soon.”

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