Eindhoven University of Technology: Ruud van Sloun, Tom de Greef and Eva Demerouti are the first winners of the TU/e Science Awards

On the very first TU/e Research Day, we celebrate science. This year, for the first time, we are presenting the TU/e Science Awards. With the awards, we are recognizing and rewarding our researchers at different stages of their careers. This is also the first year we will hand out the TU/e Science Awards. With these awards we recognize and reward our own scientists in different stages of their careers. The winners of the awards are Ruud van Sloun (exceptional uses of AI in imaging), Tom de Greef (development of a molecular computer, using DNA-technology) and Eva Demerouti (well-being and performance of employees).

Just before the award ceremony, the three new honorary doctorates were also awarded and they gave their acceptance speeches. Earlier in the day, they had spoken with Rector Frank Baaijens during a ‘college tour’ in which attendees could ask all of their questions. On the TU/e Research Day, the TU/e celebrates science with their community. This day, TU/e scientists and their research take center stage. Three different awards – each worth 15,000 euros to spend on activities to develop your scientific career – have been created:

Young Researcher Award – promising young scientist with breakthrough research ideas
Groundbreaking Researcher Award – scientist with groundbreaking research results
Leadership in Excellence Award – nationally or internationally prominent scientist
Who are the nominees and the lucky winners in 2022? We’re delighted to introduce them to you!

Young Researcher Award 2022

This year’s Young Researcher Award will be presented to young, promising TU/e researchers who received their PhD between 2015 and 2020. Despite this, they are already well-known names in their field, both at TU/e and beyond. The nominees were Mauro Salazar, Rob Wolfs and Bas Overvelde, but the winner is Ruud van Sloun. Van Sloun reacts with surprise: “It’s a great feeling to be nominated, especially in this environment with so many talented people. Winning is a huge recognition, but not for me alone. I also owe this award to the contributions of the smart colleagues and students around me.”

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