Eindhoven University of Technology: TU/e to acquire top electron microscope

The TU/e is pleased to announce a generous donation from DAF Trucks and the PACCAR Foundation to acquire a world-class electron-microscope for soft matter research.

Robert-Jan Smits, president of the Executive Board of Eindhoven University of Technology shared: “The university thanks DAF Trucks and the PACCAR Foundation for its generous donation, which will enhance TU/e advanced research and development in the life sciences and materials sciences. The acquisition of the sophisticated soft matter electron-microscope and technical laboratory equipment is very important as universities and medical centers accelerate research to develop solutions to global health and material issues. DAF founder Hub van Doorne was among the early leaders to recognize the benefits of establishing TU/e. The university was founded in 1956 and is celebrating 65 years of excellence.”

“DAF has a strong partnership with Eindhoven University of Technology and this donation is an important step in enhancing the quality of life for communities worldwide”, said Harry Wolters, DAF Trucks president and PACCAR vice president. “DAF and the Eindhoven University of Technology have collaborated on many scientific papers and technical research projects over the decades. There are over 350 TU/e alumni working at DAF Trucks.”

TU/e will use the PACCAR Foundation donation to help purchase a cutting edge soft matter electron microscope. It can visualize and analyze at the smallest scales with unprecedented resolution, up to single atom events. Moreover, with its state of the art software and data processing, the machine is fast, thus speeding up the research and making the technique more accessible to Eindhoven researchers. This greatly advances possibilities for scientific discoveries. Also, the new machine will enable education and training of a new generation of engineers.

PACCAR Foundation – The PACCAR Foundation has contributed to leading non-profit institutions since 1951. PACCAR’s philanthropy is focused on educational and social service organizations in locations in which its employees work and live worldwide.

DAF Trucks N.V. — a subsidiary of PACCAR Inc, a global technology company that designs and manufacturers light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. DAF provides a full range of tractor units and vocational trucks, offering the right vehicle for every transport application. DAF is also a leading provider of services, including MultiSupport repair and maintenance contracts, financial services from PACCAR Financial and a first-class parts delivery service from PACCAR Parts.

Eindhoven University of Technology – TU/e is a top-ranking Dutch university that educates students and advances knowledge in science & technology for the benefit of humanity. We aim to be an internationally defining academic institution that pushes the frontiers of science & technology. We educate engineers of the future who combine in-depth knowledge about technology with the skills to address challenges out in the world. We create responsible innovations and contributions to societal challenges in tight-knit collaborations with society and industry. And we have a strong and recognizable voice in the academic and public debate about technology and its merits.

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