Eindhoven University of Technology: TU Eindhoven and NXP Semiconductors work together on safer and cleaner transport

The cooperation between TU/e and NXP is not new. Since 2019, both parties have been working together successfully to achieve better transport solutions through artificial intelligence (AI).

Robert-Jan Smits, chairman of the board of TU Eindhoven is pleased with the new cooperation: “TU Eindhoven and NXP share the ambition to jointly make a substantial contribution to a smarter, safer and cleaner mobility system. We want to contribute to this with groundbreaking innovations in the field of artificial intelligence for mobility, joining forces to develop technology and concepts that can be applied quickly.”

Lars Reger, CTO of NXP: “All the products we use in everyday life are becoming more intelligent, with cars being the ultimate example. In order to take over driving tasks from the driver, cars will use artificial intelligence to process and interpret the input from various radars and cameras. This is a good example of an area in which NXP and TU/e will be working together more intensively. In practice, this means that we will be doing joint research into artificial intelligence. In a broader sense, dozens of scientists will be working on their PhD research at NXP. We are proud of the excellent cooperation with TU/e, which is a worldwide benchmark.”