EKKI Pumps becomes a Case Study at Prestigious INSEAD B-School

Chennai: Pumps and Water Technology provider EKKI has now become a part of the MBA curriculum at INSEAD Business School, which is rated consistently one among the world’s top 3 Business Schools. The study has been included in the MBA reading list for the subject “Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation”

INSEAD has created a case study on the challenges, growth and transformation journey of EKKI. The case study narrates the reinvention of EKKI beginning in 2013, and covers how EKKI transformed itself into a sustainable water technology provider from DECCAN Pumps starting in 1981 with a deep commitment to quality, sustainability and value delivery to its customers and members.

The case study titled “Sustainability in Asia” is authored by Professors Stephen J. Mezias (INSEAD), Indira Pant (National University of Singapore) & Rikki Abzug, (Ramapo College of New Jersey). The study will be available for teaching purposes within and outside the INSEAD community.

Sharing his thoughts, Stephen J. Mezias, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD, said,-“In our case study Sustainability in Asia , we interviewed the leaders of six successful medium sized family firms based in South East Asia about their efforts to make their organizations more sustainable. EKKI, which was the only firm based in India in our study, was archetypical: with generational change, external orientation, and a focus on innovation to help the community being key factors driving them towards sustainability.

He further goes on to say-“Their mission, to become the leading provider of sustainable water solutions, in India and globally emphasized the kind of fundamental societal change that all of the firms pursued. Coming from India, their emphasis on becoming an emerging market champion represented a goal not only for themselves, but also for the nation.”

Commenting on the company’s Sustainable Water Solutions focus, EKKI’s Co-CEO Kanishka Arumugam, said,-“We are privileged and honoured that EKKI has made it to the MBA Curriculum of INSEAD which is ranked consistently as one among the world’s top 3 Business Schools. Global warming and population growth have led to massive increase in the use of water. Nearly 1.2 billion people on the planet do not have access to potable water and an estimated 2 million people die each year due to unsafe drinking water and inadequate sanitation. It is estimated that nearly half the world’s population will face severe water crisis by 2035. Global Pandemic’s caused by water pollution is also a big risk for humanity.”

He further added- “Despite this, ‘Water is one of the least technologically influenced industries, so it holds big opportunities for EKKI.’ From office towers to factories to homes and agriculture, the need for clean water has never been greater. “The future wave is water sustainability, and EKKI will be part of it. At EKKI we believe our businesses should add value and also be a force for good. EKKI’s goal is to ‘Provide access to Clean Water using cutting edge technologies and sustainable ways’. This has been our fundamental purpose since 1981.”

INSEAD’s case collection has garnered praise for its remarkable intellectual richness and global diversity, providing robust insights that blend both theory and practice from many different countries and cultures. INSEAD cases not only stimulate class discussion by presenting crucial management issues, but they also challenge students to learn how to make better strategic decisions and become stronger leaders.

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