Electropreneur Park holds Tech sharing session for start Ups and budding entrepreneurs


New Delhi: Electropreneur Park, funded by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, organised a Tech sharing session in New Delhi recently for tech start-ups and budding entrepreneurs. The session was co-hosted by Infineon Technologies, the German semiconductor manufacturing firm. The session was attended by a wide audience ranging from start-ups, aspiring entrepreneurs, academicians, industry professionals, practitioners, Technocrats and Researchers from the field of Life sciences, Informatics, Data Science and Information Technology.

The rapidly evolving pace of technology is changing how we do business and hence the focus of the session was to better understand and evaluate how current and emerging resources, tools and trends across the tech landscape will impact business. Some of the trends discussed at the event include Smart sensing (radar, time-of-flight, environmental sensing etc); Human-machine interface; Power control/monitoring/management solutions; Automotive (autonomous, electrification) and Renewable energy applications- Industrial& commercial.

Sanjeev Chopra, CEO, Electropreneur Park, said, “Such sessions help in guiding budding entrepreneurs in finding new avenues and opportunities and challenges in emerging trends in entrepreneurship. The need of the hour is to create an environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship by knitting together all relevant players- support system institutions, governments and potential and existing entrepreneurs”