Elpro International School Bids Adieu to 2019 with ‘Elpro Confluence’

Mumbai: Elpro International School recently organised its annual event, ‘Elpro Confluence’ in which students got a chance to get together, celebrate and showcase their talents in performing arts. The programme was themed as per class categories – for classes 6th to 10th the theme was ‘Bharat: Ek Khoj’, for classes 3rd to 5th the theme was ‘The Jungle Book’ and for classes 1st and 2nd the theme was ‘The Lion King’. The confluence saw a participation of over 4200 students who put their best creative foot forward.

The Elpro Confluence was celebrated with 23 lyrical and music parody’s, all choreographed by professionals at the 500 seater auditorium. Besides parents, the shows were graced by eminent personalities from various walks of life: Theatre, Performing Arts, Corporates, IT, Armed Forces and Education. All performances were applauded and people were left amazed with the talent that young kids showcased.

Dr. Amrita Vohra – Director Principal, Elpro International School said, “The annual concerts are a reflection of the school’s ethos where we encourage 100% participation. The show saw the hardwork of the entire school community with both my teachers and students putting their best forward. We have ended the year on a high note with 23 spectacular shows and I am extremely excited about the new year for all of us.”

Before we all bid adieu to 2019 and enter a new year, the team and students of Elpro International School made sure to rejoice, celebrate and be grateful for year that was filled with academic and co-curricular achievements.