ELSA Corp, India appoints Ajinkya Rahane, Vice-Captain of the Indian Test Team – as their Brand Ambassador for India, Middle East, ANZ & SAARC

New Delhi: ELSA Corp (English Language Speech Assistant Corporation), India a global Edu-tech company has today announced the appointment of Ajinkya Rahane, the Vice-Captain of the Indian Cricket Test Team, as its brand ambassador for India, Middle East, ANZ & SAARC. ELSA Speak is a Mobile App, which uses speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to help language learners improve their English pronunciation.

The announcement was made through a web conference in the presence of Ajinkya Rahane along with Manit Parikh, Country Head – India, ELSA Corp.

Ajinkya Rahane will be endorsing the brand’s mobile application. This association aims to popularize ELSA Speak amongst Indian individuals who want to better their English pronunciation.

Commenting on the announcement Manit Parikh, Country Head – India, ELSA Corp said, “Ajinkya Rahane is a self-made man and is revered to be one of the most influential cricketers of our times. He is the perfect example of an individual who has worked hard not only on his core craft, but also on his personality, his confidence and how he carries himself on the field and off the ground. At ELSA,we have created an ecosystem of learning where individuals can master spoken English and become confident speakers, thereby helping them excel in the field of their choice. Ajinkya is the perfect embodiment of the ‘ELSA way of life’ and therefore he is the best fit. We are looking forward to a great partnership with him.”

Talking about the association, Ajinkya Rahane said, “Communication on the field is very vital in the sport of cricket and playing the sport at a professional, international level, we need to be equipped to communicate effectively with key stakeholders – international colleagues, fans and media. Since English is a language commonly used in international cricket circles, it becomes very useful to be able to understand and speak the language. ELSA is a great communication tool that equips individuals by helping them learn the right pronunciation of words. I have used the app for a while now and I believe it can be a great resource to many who have not learnt English as their first language.”

ELSA Speak is an A.I. powered app aimed at estimated 1.5 billion language learners in the world to learn to speak English more fluently, thereby changing their careers and lives. ELSA uses proprietary speech technology with deep learning and A.I. to detect people’s pronunciation mistakes with 95%+ accuracy. The app listens to the way language learners pronounce words, sentences or conversations to pinpoint exact errors and provide real-time feedback on pronunciation mistakes with specific suggestions on how to improve.

ELSA Speak is used by BPO/KPO, hospitality, aviation, retail, banking, call centres, schools, colleges, vocational training institutions and more in India and internationally. ELSA is the first startup in Asia to be funded by Google’s Gradient Ventures.

In the midst of Covid19 and supporting our Honorable PM Narendra Modiji, ELSA announced a subscription grant worth Rs. 56 Crores for students in India.