Embassy Group adopts technology to improve basic mathematical skills in Government schools

Bangalore: Our aim is to facilitate students of Government Schools with a safe learning environment through holistic interventions in Education, Health and Infrastructure. Innovative learning support in English, Math through Computers, Life Skills, Sports and more, blended into the existing school schedule and enhanced by engaging extra-curricular activities – in the form of education trips and summer camps to talent development and inter-school competitions.


Through our specially curated math program for Government School students, we improve the basic mathematical skills of students through proprietary software on laptops. Through the program, infinite problems are generated at each level and students have to complete certain number of problems accurately to move on to a higher level of difficulty. Once the students master the basic Arithmetic operations, they are moved up into practice based on the syllabus. The program provides 50 hours of exclusive math trainings and workouts by math coordinators for each child per year.


This program continued through online learning through the pandemic. In collaboration with our NGO partner, Colours of Life, Embassy was able to assist our government schools through a digital engagement platform. Launched in June 2020, Project Sputnik is Colour of Life’s digital engagement platform for students from the 1st to the 10th standard. The project aimed to supplement the Department of Education’s own online learning channels by delivering engaging academic activities in Math and English to students utilising simple technology platforms. This initiative ensured that there was some degree of syllabus continuity for students during the pandemic.



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