Embrace ‘Mission Life’ with Package on Eco-Inspired Films at 18th MIFF

In an endeavor to promote sustainable lifestyles and instill a sense of civic responsibility towards environmental protection, the 18th edition of the Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) will present a special package titled “Mission Life.” This collection, presented by CMS Vatavaran, features five carefully selected films that explore the intricate and symbiotic relationship between humanity and the Earth. These films serve as poignant reminders of our deep connection to the planet and emphasize the urgent need for harmonious coexistence.


Films to be screened under the Special Package: “Mission Life”


80% of the world’s population can no longer see the Milky Way. What do we lose when we lose sight of the stars? Excessive and improper lighting robs us of our night skies, disrupts our sleep patterns and endangers nocturnal habitats. The current advances in LED technology have enabled several cities to safely light their streets and save energy without disrupting the nighttime environment. ‘SAVING THE DARK’ explores the need to preserve night skies and what we can do to combat light pollution.



The film “LAKSHMAN-REKHA” is an intimate, cinematic window into how Laxman Singh, a school dropout, galvanized a drought-hit village into a voluntary force that changed the destiny of 58 villages in the Great Indian Desert in India. Even today the water supply is erratic and he carries on with his mission of creating awareness about conserving each drop of water. But do people take him seriously or are they waiting for a miracle?



We are on the brink of Climate Crisis. The worst affected regions that are facing the brunt of climate change are the Cryospheric regions of the world (Arctic, Antarctic and the Himalayas) and also the Oceans. The Arctic Ocean ice cover has declined over 30 percent in the recent years and the region is also noticing rapid thawing. Scientists are now using the latest technology in some of the harshest conditions on this planet only to investigate these phenomena. THE CLIMATE CHALLENGE takes you on a journey in the Arctic, Himalayas and the Southern Ocean to witness some life-threatening situations and understand the reasons.



Indigenous varieties of millet, diverse cuisine, interlaced with the traditional practice of growing millet come alive in Jowar Gatha (The Jowar Ballad). Rich traditions manifest through songs, rituals, stories while farmers lament the decline of millets in the drylands. The elders reiterate that new agricultural cropping varieties come with a risk to health and harvest.



PENG YU SAI is an investigative documentary that dives into the illegal trade in Manta Rays from India’s oceans. Through this documentary, wildlife presenter Malaika Vaz follows the illegal trade pipeline from fishing vessels in the Indian Ocean, to the Indo-Myanmar border and finally undercover in the wildlife trafficking hubs of Hong Kong and Guangzhou, in China. Along the way – she meets with fishermen, middle men, traffickers, armed forces personnel and wildlife trade kingpins, as she tries to understand what it will take to protect these magnificent ocean giants.