Eminent Author Arti Chopra’s ‘MI Skills for My Life’ Book Nurtures Life Skills Among Children

Gurugram: Complimenting the impartment of modern education among students, ‘’MI Skills for My Life’’ book by renowned author and educationist Mrs Arti Chopra aims to foster adaptive intelligence among young turks through experience and practice.

The Gurugram based author in her latest edition has left no stone unturned in promoting leadership, problem-solving and decision-making skills through multiple intelligences involving logical intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, linguistic intelligence, inter-personal & interpersonal intelligence, musical intelligence and naturalistic intelligence.

Detailing more about how MI Skills for My Life eventuate her vision to motivate young minds in recognising and excelling in their respective talents, Mrs Arti Chopra said, “The book is a one of a kind initiative, enabling students to establish well-defined success goals via self-monitoring and enhanced engagement with mentors and other students. Life Skills promote a positive approach among individuals to better address their day to day challenges and instill an adaptive thinking approach.’’

MI Skills for My Life is available at all major book retail outlets as well as in Kindle and Paperback version. The noble endeavour by Mrs.Chopra bridges the background differences among children when it comes to polishing their skills to ensure a holistic education ecosystem across the globe.

The book ensures that students irrespective of their fundamental differences are furnished with a level playing field to reach their full potential.

The edition can be also procured online from Amazon by clicking on the below link-: