ENGIE to provide clean drinking water to the villages in Tamil Nadu




Chennai : A leader in low-carbon energy solutions, ENGIE has committed to provide clean drinking water to the families of drought hit Mattiyarendal district and surrounding villages in state of Tamil Nadu.


ENGIE Foundation in partnership with Pavilion Water will provide clean drinking water to the drought-hit villagers of Mattiyarendal district in Tamil Nadu, the first village identified by The Rotary Club of Manama for the water purification project.


More than one thousand families will benefit from this project.


Talking about the initiative, Amit Jain, Country Manager – India & COO Renewables AMEA shares, “Delivering clean and sustainable water resonates with ENGIE’s purpose and is also fully supported by the goals and mission of the ENGIE Foundation, i.e., to support innovative, philanthropic projects related to renewable and sustainable energy solutions.”


The water purification system will clean up to 500,000 litres of contaminated water per day, using only wind or solar energy, at a very low maintenance cost of $100 per year. The system is deployed to serve the communities that face challenges to access clean drinking water. Through reduced energy demands and low waste output, the system can be monitored and controlled remotely, ensuring its efficiency in serving the community.


Globally, ENGIE has partnered with the Pavilion Water and Rotary Club of Manama in the Kingdom of Bahrain, for the initiative.


The objective of this project is to convert contaminated ground water into potable drinking water in accordance with the WHO and Indian standards, whilst alleviating the increasing water scarcity issues the communities are experiencing in India.


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