Engineering education start-up Skill-Lync launches special civil engineering course for Aspirants

Chennai: Chennai based, India’s leading engineering education start-up Skill-Lync announces the launch of 3 Civil Engineering courses in India to bridge the gap between theoretical learning in college and practical application in industry. The courses, titled ‘Design of Tensile Structures Using DLUBAL,’ ‘SubSurface Exploration and Geotechnical Investigation,’ and ‘Roadway Design with OpenRoads,’ are of the duration of three months. Softwares like Dlubal, RFEM, AUTOCAD, Bentley OpenRoads Designer (ORD) will be used in this course.


The aim of the course ‘Design of Tensile structures using DLUBAL’ is to impart knowledge and proficiency to the participants so that they can design lightweight structures to meet the rising demand of modern architecture. The second course is ‘Subsurface exploration and Geotechnical Investigation’, which helps students develop skills on soil investigation techniques and interpretation of engineering parameters and focuses mainly on the theoretical aspects. The third course is ‘Roadway Design with OpenRoads’, which gives an understanding of some basic concepts, workflows of roadway design and will take the student through the entire roadway design modules from scratch.


Any civil engineering graduate can join these courses and can kick-start their careers in top civil engineering companies. After completion of these courses, students can get interview calls from myriads of reputable structural engineering companies. Also, students will have the opportunity to get a job in any part of the world and can work with minimal supervision/training on real time projects. In addition, these advanced technologies will save cost and time which is in demand in the industry.

Various softwares have been used in the industry, ranging from various input files to graphically controlled 3D software. Many government transportation/highway departments around the world use Bentley OpenRoads Designer, which is one of the best softwares available. Different soil investigation methods and engineering parameter interpretation can be learned. The tool RFEM has presence in more than 100 countries, major share being Europe.


Speaking on the launch, Surya Co-Founder at Skill-Lync Stated, “India is in the midst of an infrastructure and construction boom. Structural engineers would be facing new and interesting challenges as India takes on bigger and more complex infrastructure projects. We want to equip our structural and civil engineers with skills required to take on these challenges. These three courses target unique challenges and would require the expertise on new cutting edge tools and softwares. Learning them would not only make our engineers industry ready, but also crucial for our country to step into the next high growth phase”


This civil oriented software is widely used in Top MNC’S in India and around the world like L&T Infotech, Technip, COWI, Eversendai India, William Hare, Mc Dermott, Saipem, Blackstone, FL Smith, Dow Chemicals, Petrofac, Reliance Industries, M+W Group, Leighton, Mott Mac, etc.


With the rise of urbanization and industrialization, all civil engineers now have the ability to achieve new heights in their careers. For that to happen, this course will cover significant elements such as Tensile structures, roof structures, commercial & residential buildings, offshore structures, coastal structures, soil investigation, geotechnical hazards, intensive parametric modelling, change management and softwares like Dlubal, RFEM, AUTOCAD, OpenRoads, MicroStation etc. Candidates who are interested in the course can apply on the official Skill-Lync admissions website.