Enhancing lemongrass oil production by coupling two novel techniques


ALIGARH : “In a novel research on lemongrass, it has been put forth that the process of oil production can be enhanced by applying two techniques at once, instead of applying them separately on the plant,” said Professor M Masroor Akhtar Khan, Department of Botany, Aligarh Muslim University, who is engaged in research on medicinal and aromatic plants for more than the last two decades.

Prof Khan revealed that a research project sponsored by the Council of Science and Technology, Lucknow has proved that the lemongrass oil production could be successfully boosted to 40 percent by using two novel techniques at once. He applied silicon nanoparticles and some marine polysaccharides processed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai and found that results were more impressive when both substances were applied together on the plant than their separate applications. He said both of the chemicals are non-hazardous, safe, and remarkably inexpensive.

He pointed out that Lemongrass oil is extensively used as a source for the perfumery industry. The oil is also used in soap, cosmetic and flavoring industries throughout the world. It is also used as an insect repellent and as a source of aromatherapy.

Prof Khan, who has published more than 200 research papers, said that essential oils are the primary therapeutic agents to treat several diseases and he is engaged in research in this field for more than two decades.

Mr Mohammad Mukarram, a PhD student of Prof Khan, also assisted him in the above study on lemongrass.


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