EnKing International launches Nature Based Solutions

New Delhi: EnKing International, a globally renowned company working in the field of climate change, launched a new service vertical — Nature Based Solutions – on this World Environment Day to assist project owners and developers in sustainable agriculture land management, afforestation and reforestation.
“This initiative is a mission to contribute towards the goal of the United Nations decade for ecosystem restoration,” said Mr. Manish Dabkara, CMD & CEO, EnKing International.
The issues concerning climate change are vital for survival and wellbeing of the human race, he said, adding, “we must focus upon the current scenario as our ecosystems are depleting. We are losing many crucial species that are necessary for the ecological balance like olive ridley sea turtles, coral reefs, and on the other hand we are even able to find cases where alien species are invading niche ecosystems and leading to its complete destruction.”
Excessive artificial heating of the environment and resultant climate change has become a real threat to the planet earth, Dabkara asserted.
EnKing is aggressively developing portfolio of Nature Based Solutions like forest management, sustainable agriculture land management, blue carbon including mangrove ecosystem, soil carbon sequestration, grassland and livestock management.
“We are partnering with multiple national and international entities for on-ground execution of projects. EnKing International has already started working on this initiative on a large-scale basis,” said Dabkara.