Equipment used by Olympic athletes can be imported temporarily under Carnets in Japan: General Manager, Japan Commercial Arbitration Association

New Delhi: Mr Nobuo Kojima, General Manager, ATA Carnet Department, The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association yesterday said, “Equipment used by Olympic athletes and horses for Olympic riding competitions can be imported temporarily under carnets into Japan.”

Addressing webinar on ‘ATA Carnet ? Facilitates Duty Free & Tax-Free Temporary Export/Import of goods into Multiple Foreign Countries’, organized by FICCI, jointly with The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association (JCAA), Japan, Mr Kojima added that Japanese customs allow import and re-export of goods under ATA Carnet intended for professional equipment, commercial samples and exhibitions/fairs in Japan which includes tools related to movies, broadcasting, musical instruments and equipment meant for experiments and inspections, samples to be shown for future customers and goods to be exhibited for exhibitions, fairs and meetings such as vehicles including motor cycles, tools used in interpretation for conferences, paintings, sculptures and other works of art. He further stated that the goods related to the Olympic games and the equipment meant for broadcasting are considered as professional equipment under Carnet.

Mr Kojima also informed the participants that consumable goods such as medical goods to be used for athletes and goods for repair or processing are not covered under carnet.

Mr PS Pruthi, Senior Consultant FICCI & Former Member Customs Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT) stated, “ATA Carnet is a win-win situation for both the industry and the government organizations particularly the customs.  For sport personalities or the TV crew members who wish to take their goods for the Tokyo Olympics on a temporary basis need to have one single document which is the ATA carnet serves as both bill of entry and shipping bill and eliminates customs duties and taxes in the country of import.” He further highlighted the important aspects of ATA Carnet, its benefits and legal aspects and urged the trading community to utilize the ATA Carnet facility for their international business transactions whenever required.

The ATA Carnet System, which is administered worldwide by the World ATA Carnet Council (WATAC), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris in association with World Customs Organization (WCO) has been successfully functioning for more than 50 years, includes at present 78 member countries.

ATA Carnet is an international customs document, which replaces customs declarations and allows a simplified and accelerated clearance of temporary import and export of goods for holding exhibitions and fairs, as well as of commercial samples, professional equipment and some other categories of goods.  The system gives several advantages to businessmen seeking new opportunities on foreign markets. It can benefit Business travellers/sales executives, Fair Exhibitors, Film and TV crews, Artists, Engineers, Educationalists, Entertainers, Sports teams and many more during their overseas trips. FICCI has been functioning as National Issuing & Guaranteeing Association for the operation of ATA Carnet system in India.