ESCP Business School’s Executive MBA becomes 100% customisable



To better respond to the new needs of global leaders, ESCP Business School’s Executive MBA is reinventing itself with a fully customisable and flexible format available across its six international campuses from the start of the new academic year in January 2022.


Strongly committed to responsible management, the Executive MBA reinforces this focus throughout the programme, with a new core course on “Responsible and sustainable leadership” in addition to the existing elective courses and seminars including CSR concerns.


Always attentive to the market, the innovative format for the Executive MBA is the result of a long reflection preceding the Covid-19 health crisis that has been further justified and confirmed in the current context.


ESCP Business School unveils the new features of the Executive MBA


A customisable and flexible programme, with 9 core courses, 10 electives, 5 international seminars and 1 International Consulting Project, the ESCP EMBA offers participants the choice between face-to-face, distance or hybrid formats on its six international campuses: Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Turin and Beirut. Participants now decide when, how, what and where they want to attend each of their nine core courses. Additionally, they have the possibility to build their own EMBA among a range of more than 50 electives, with a total programme duration of 18 to 34 months depending on their choice.


Driven by the commitment to give all high-potential talents, from all backgrounds, the opportunity to become responsible leaders who will positively impact the world, ESCP Business School is convinced that the flexible format of the Executive MBA, which is particularly valued by women and international participants, will favour gender parity and reinforce the cultural diversity which already exists within the programme (36 nationalities on average), thanks to the multi-country structure of the school.


By focusing on this innovative and borderless format, the EMBA, currently ranked 7th in the world by the Financial Times, demonstrates that it is a pioneering degree open to the world and society, while retaining its European DNA.


“Our unique teaching approach effectively blends a solid theoretical foundation with relevant practice; meeting executives, managers and professionals directly in the field; learning from successful companies; and working on real-life case studies. Furthermore, we combine the flexibility and possibilities offered by digital tools with the value of in-class activities and lectures,” says Francesco Venuti, Professor of Accounting and Associate Dean for the Executive MBA & General Management Programme at ESCP Business School. “In addition, we have created a new core course on sustainability and have included sustainability topics within the entire programme as a sort of ‘red thread’, a ‘lens’ or a mindset through which we interpret the world that surrounds us and make related decisions.”


For Ines Khedhir, Director of the Executive MBA at ESCP Business School, “We wanted to be bold and innovative while remaining in line with the mission and core values of ESCP Business School. We have redesigned our EMBA to make it more flexible and customisable for managers from all backgrounds. The new flexible format of our EMBA (face-to-face, distance or hybrid learning) also reinforces our commitment to diversity within our programme.”


Francesco Venuti, Associate Dean of the Executive MBA, adds: “Three key areas summarise the innovations of our new Executive MBA: the personalised pathway, sustainable and responsible leadership, and digitalisation, while maintaining our truly European DNA. With the new Executive MBA programme, our aim is to offer a transformational journey that trains our international managers in a virtual pathway of responsible leadership, where they can effectively combine attention for the People, for our Planet, and for Business.”