Establishment of Pasteurized Compost Plant takes Mushroom cultivation to new heights in Udhampur


UDHAMPUR:  When one talks about good Governance, there seems to be many areas where the UT Administration is making major headway. One of the sectors where the Government seems to touch the doorsteps of the common masses is promotion of Mushroom Cultivation under the Mushroom Development Scheme.

Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare Udhampur facilitated the establishment of first of its kind Pasteurized Compost Plant this year. The plant which was started in the year 2012-2013 was made functional after a gap of 10 Years by incurring Rs 37.60 Lakh.

The functioning of the plant has enabled the growers to get pasteurized compost which was earlier imported to the district from Himachal or Punjab.

After Government intervention & proper projection & its viability, the plant is providing readymade pasteurized compost not only to the growers of the district but also to the adjoining districts. With the functioning of the unit, the district is moving not only towards self-sufficiency in mushroom produce but also providing self-employment avenues to the youth.

“Surplus cultivation of Mushrooms will boost the economy, which is being achieved by bridging the gap of resources which the districts like Udhampur were deprived earlier, said a Farmer.

The farm experts also believe that the diversification of farming by including activities like value –addition and cultivation of Mushrooms will greatly help to achieve the Prime Minister’s Vision of doubling the farmers’ income.

Vimla Devi (women entrepreneur) of Dandyal Udhampur and many others have started earning good returns by taking the benefit of Mushroom Cultivation Development Scheme. Vimla Devi laid about 50 pasteurized compost bags which she get on subsidized rates from DCTC Udhampur and earned Rs. 6000, while there are more than 40 days left & hopefully she will earn Rs. 18000 to Rs. 20000/- with C:B Ratio of 3:30 or 4 (approx). This much of income is expected by Vimla Devi after investing just Rs 2500.

This venture will not double but increase the farmers’ income by manifolds. i.e 4 times.

As per the department, Mushroom production in the district has risen from 33500 compost bags in 2018 to about 50000 bags up to 2021-22. From the production point of view, it rose from 752 Qtls. to 1075 Qtls. during the year 2021-22.

Talking about the Mushroom Corridor Project, Chief Agriculture Officer Udhampur said that preparation of pasteurized compost at DCTC Mushroom complex with the capacity of 1100 bags has already been started. He said post inauguration, 22 growers of the District have been provided compost bags on subsidy basis under Capex budget and the department has set a target of covering more 65 growers this season.

“Our production target for the current season has now been increased to 33 Qtls. The main aim of this unit is to benefit the small growers and rope in maximum young entrepreneurs” he said.