ETU “LETI”: Among the Сountry’s Best Young Managers: Student Wins Bronze Medal in the Manage! Cup

At the end of 2020, Russia – Land of Opportunities organization and RANEPA, with the support of Global Management Challenge Russia, announced the results of the third season of the Manage! Cup with 120 632 people, applied for the qualifying round. 157 students from ETU “LETI” and other leading universities from 48 regions of Russia reached the final.

Danila Rudnev, the 2nd-year student of the Institute of Innovative Design and Technological Entrepreneurship (INPROTECH) of ETU “LETI,” took third place at the cup. Danila demonstrated a high skill in managing a virtual company, including developing a strategy for its growth, making decisions in marketing, production, human resources policy, finance, logistics, and investment attractiveness.

In addition to managing a virtual company and predicting key performance indicators, the finalists passed tests on management potential and emotional intelligence and made a speech in front of experts in individual and team standings.

“The Manage! Cup is based on a virtual simulation in which each team manages a company with the same initial conditions. The type of company activity is abstract; we don’t know what products we sell. We make management decisions on advertising, pricing, products, personnel, and finances. All of this affects our production and financial results. We see this in management reports,” Danila Rudnev explains.

At the finals, the organizers decided to create the conditions of a difficult economic situation. The team, which included the ETU “LETI” student, chose a strategy of capturing significant market share and hold it with high-quality products.

“In terms of hard skills, the knowledge I received in the Economics of Organization course at ETU “LETI” helped me a lot. With its help, I managed to create a fairly competent economic model for decision-making and forecasting indicators. Also, thanks to the experience of presentations, I managed to prepare a core of the speech, which satisfied the team and got high marks from the experts. In terms of soft skills, first of all, the communication skill is essential. Team discussion is not an easy thing. And, of course, it is crucial to be persistent and diligent. I am so pleased with the result. When I registered for the cup, I thought that it would be great to qualify, but in the end, I was able to get to the finals in Moscow and become a prize winner. The atmosphere and spirit of such a big event alone are worth a lot!”

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