ETU “LETI”: Beauty Will Save the World: International Women’s Day at ETU “LETI”

On March 5, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” held festive events dedicated to International Women’s Day.

During the breaks between classes in the lobby of Building 5, young artists of ETU “LETI” congratulated female employees, professors, and students of the university with songs and poems and gave them flowers. Also, everyone could take a picture in the colorful photo area.

To celebrate March 8, the university organized a photo exhibition LETI Womens’ Portrait, for the second time. Representatives of science, administration, and creative professions – beautiful and charming, strict, funny, and talented – took part in the project.

“On the eve of the wonderful spring holiday, we wanted to do something beautiful. And, it seems to me, we succeeded once again. I think you will share my opinion: you can look at each portrait for a long time and realize that women’s beauty really does save the world.

Yuri Filatov, Chair of the Trade Union Organization of ETU “LETI”
A large creative team worked to make the gallery happen, and each of the participants did their best to take beautiful pictures. The author of most of the photographs is Natalya Smirnova, a graduate of ETU “LETI,” assistant of the Department of Occupational Safety.

“The special thing about LETI women is that they are not only smart and beautiful, but they are also passionate about what they do, play sports, and volunteer. I don’t understand how we manage it all. I would like to wish you that your enthusiasm and passion never disappear, that the fire that you give to others always burns in your eyes!”

Natalya Smirnova, a graduate of ETU “LETI,” assistant of the Department of Occupational Safety

Participants noted the friendly atmosphere of the entire creative process – from the meeting in the studio and working with makeup artists to the exhibition opening.

“This was my first photoshoot. The invitation to this project was a very pleasant surprise for me. Both the photographers and the makeup artists treated us with love and care. There were familiar faces all around. At the same time, it was somewhat exciting until we saw the result, which made everyone happy.”

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