ETU “LETI”: Birthday of Magical Electrotechnical

The midday shot from the Naryshkin bastion cannon by the LETI’s rector Viktor Sheludko and a group of the best students marked the beginning of the university birthday celebration.

“All 135 years, the university has been keeping up with the times, living and working for our country. At different times, LETI employed outstanding scientists whose inventions and achievements determined the scientific and technological progress of modern society. The history of past great victories demands high results from us today. We are confidently creating new technologies on the front line of the global research agenda, setting development trends in artificial intelligence and advanced wireless technology, electrical engineering, and human-machine interface. Our proud alumni push forward technological development in the region and the entire country, successfully work in more than 90 countries, and continue the glorious traditions of their alma mater.”

On the LETI’s anniversary, the university unveiled a monument to Valentin Vologdin, an outstanding Russian scientist and engineer, in the inner yard of Building 3. He is the founder of Russian high-frequency technologies: from generators and transmitters for radio and telephone communications to industrial induction heating, melting, and steel quenching. Viktor Sheludko noted that the university is obliged to commemorate exceptional researchers and tell the younger generation about them.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by relatives of the scientist, representatives of the St. Petersburg government, and companies, which benefit from his inventions to this day.

The celebration continued with an awards ceremony for the best students of the university. In 2020, LETI students won grants and scholarships from the St. Petersburg government. Viktor Sheludko and Andrey Maksimov, Chair of the Committee on Science and Higher Education, awarded 32 LETI students.

“LETI is successfully developing today, ranks among Russia’s leading universities, ranks well in international rankings, but the university’s staff, scientists, and teachers are solving two problems: creating new technologies and training engineers in demand for the digital economy. You represent a large part of our team with dignity, and I would like to thank you. You work hard, you acquire knowledge, you promote our university, and I am sure that you will do well and be qualified graduates. Perhaps some of you will be future rectors, scientists, and businessmen,” said LETI rector.

On LETI’s birthday, students and employees took part in a musical event “LETI, I Love You” that took place in the inner of the university campus. Representatives from student government and curatorship, sports, and science gathered to express their love for Magical Electrotechnical, while representatives of art studios did so through music and poetry.

The day continued with an awards ceremony for the winners of the Cradle of Electrical Engineering competition among first-year students for the best student paper on the history of electrical engineering in Russia. The ceremony takes place in the waters of the Neva River on the Maria ship.

The events that took place on June 15 are part of the large program for the LETI anniversary year. The main events for students, faculty, alumni, and partners of the university are planned for the fall of 2021.

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