ETU “LETI”: Developing Telecommunications Infrastructure: LETI Joins Telecommunications Technology Consortium

The founders of the Telecommunication Technologies Consortium were Sozvezdiye Concern (part of Ruselektronics Holding of Rostec Corporation), RTK – Regional Initiatives Center (part of Rostelecom), and Element Group.

ETU “LETI” and the consortium aim to create sustainable long-term demand for the development of Russian technologies in telecommunications equipment and attract graduates to work in companies in RF engineering.

“The development of RF engineering is one of the strategic objectives of our university. In the era of universal digitalization, it is crucial to ensure import-independence of telecommunications infrastructure by coordinating the interaction between the state, business community, and research and academic organizations. The pace of digital economy development depends on the telecommunications infrastructure.”

Oleg Markelov, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Radio Engineering, Head of Advanced Wireless Technologies area at ETU “LETI”
The key concept of the concern is to form a proposal for targeted measures to support not individual companies, but the end product along the entire chain of manufacturers. Following the industry strategy, the new industry consortia model, as a tool to support Russian manufacturers, will create an ecosystem that includes developers, suppliers, and consumers. One of the tasks of the Telecommunication Technologies Consortium is to coordinate interaction between government and business institutions.

Participation in seminars and webinars, exchange of experience and regular professional communication, and membership in regulatory committees will all be a part of LETI’s involvement in the consortium.

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