ETU ‘LETI’ Hosts Online Russian Language Course for Future Students from Africa

In 2024, for the first time, ETU “LETI” took part in an online preparation program for foreign citizens who aim to master professional educational programs in Russian. The target audience of the project is future students from African countries.

In the course of the program, Russian universities conduct classes in engineering and technical subjects: Russian as a foreign language, mathematics, computer science and physics.

From January 11 to March 31, ETU “LETI” teachers conducted a module on the Russian language aimed at giving foreign students basic knowledge at the A1-A2 level. Besides, from February 5 to the end of the academic year, ETU “LETI” runs a computer science course.

32 students from Zambia, Ethiopia and Tanzania are participating in the program. At the end of the academic year, they will have to take exams in the Russian language and specialized subjects like students of the full-time preparatory course. In case of passing it successfully, the program participants will receive certificates from ETU “LETI” allowing them to enroll in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Russia.

“For ETU “LETI” this project is an experiment aimed at training and selecting talented students. On the one hand, this way we remotely select the most capable applicants for admission to the university. The students enrolled in the project have consciously come to the Russian Houses in their countries to study the Russian language and find an opportunity to study in Russia. We are watching them for a whole year and at the same time we are promoting LETI in their countries through them. On the other hand, it is important for us that Rosstorudnichestvo and their full-time representative offices in different countries support us, this allows us to implement such projects at the highest quality level.”

Renat Yalyshev, Head of the International Student Office of ETU “LETI”

The online preparation program for African citizens who aim to apply to Russian universities began on November 1, 2023 and is being carried out under the auspices of the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation “Rossotrudnichestvo”. Besides ETU “LETI”, North-Caucasus Federal University and Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin are taking part in it. In African countries, the work of students is coordinated by the staff of the Russian House.