ETU “LETI”: LETI & India: New Impetus for Cooperation

During the talks, participants discussed possible areas of cooperation. These included increasing the number of students from India at LETI, their participation in seasonal schools and preparatory studies. Parties discussed recruiting LETI teachers to give lectures at Indian universities and organizing advanced courses for Russian language teachers from India at LETI. Establishing partnerships between the university and leading Indian universities was also addressed.

Dr. Shrotria saw the considerable potential for joint work in the unique English-language master’s program Heritage Science at LETI.

“Preserving cultural heritage is important not only for history but also for society and the younger generation.”

Dr. Shishir Shrotriya, Advisor on Science and Technology of the Embassy of India in the Russian Federation
Dr. Shrotriya was also interested in LETI’s experience in creating a technopark school based on the Kudrovo Education Center. Anastasia Minina, Vice-Rector for International Affairs at LETI, emphasized that such centers could be created in other countries, including India.

“Interaction with academic and industrial partners from India is very important for our university. I am sure that today’s meeting will give new impetus to even more intensive cooperation between our countries.”

Anastasia Minina, Vice-Rector for International Affairs at LETI
During the meeting, Professor Viktor Luchinin, Head of the Department of Micro- and Nanoelectronics, spoke about the scientific achievements of LETI in flexible electronics, biosensors, and diamond electronics. The guest from the Embassy of India was fascinated by the artificial diamond crystals, which he compared to the famous Kohinoor diamond, the most expensive diamond in existence.

Dr. Shishir Shrotria and Viktor Luchinin saw real potential for cooperation in the field of biomedical technology, which has become especially relevant in the era of the coronavirus.

The parties agreed to hold online meetings in September with representatives of faculties and departments of ETU “LETI” to discuss cooperation in detail.