ETU “LETI”: LETI Researchers Receive Support of St. Petersburg Government

Valery Ipatov, Professor of the Department of Radio Engineering Systems, received the Popov Prize in nomination Electrical and Radio Engineering, Electronics, and Information Technology for the development of the theory of synthesis of broadband discrete signals for advanced digital data acquisition and processing systems.

Four LETI professors were awarded the St. Petersburg Government Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Higher Education.

The work on project-oriented targeted personnel training for enterprises and support of innovative products and technologies won in the nomination Development of Innovation Activities in University. The authors are the team that includes Vladimir Veremyev, Director of Prognoz Research Institute, and Mikhail Sugak, Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical Fundamentals of Radio Engineering.

Mikhail Kupriyanov, Head of Scientific and Educational Areas at LETI, together with colleagues from the Almazov National Medical Research Center, won the prize for a comprehensive innovative master’s program in medical engineering based on networking.

In the category Educational Work with Students, Development of Their Professional Skills, the prize was awarded to Larisa Zolotinkina, Director of Alexander Popov Memorial Museum at LETI, for the project “System of Patriotic Education in the University through the Development of the Museum and Student Initiatives” as part of a team from three St. Petersburg universities.