ETU “LETI”: Professor’s Project Will Increase Public Trust in AI

Ivan Tyukin, a graduate and professor of the Department of Automation and Control Processes of ETU “LETI,” was awarded Turing AI Acceleration Fellowship by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), amounting to £1,44 million. He is one of 15 researchers who received the £20 million government investment for research on artificial intelligence.

Ivan Tyukin leads several major research projects at ETU “LETI” and heads the Visual Intelligence Lab at the University of Leicester.

Professor Tyukin’s award-winning research project aims to go beyond current AI concepts and systems to create data-driven AI that is adaptive, robust, and resilient. The researcher plans to establish new fundamentals behind trust in AI and develop new methodologies for its certification and testing.

“Recent years have seen explosive progress in data-driven AI. But to be truly transformational, integration of AI throughout society requires understanding and trust,” Ivan Tyukin says.

“As an ETU “LETI” graduate, I would like first of all to express my deep gratitude to all my colleagues and professors, many of whom are employees of my home department of automation and control processes, as well as to my teacher, Professor Valery Terekhov. The education and experience I gained at the university are unique. First of all, along with profound fundamental training, we, the students, received real practical skills in solving a wide range of problems. It is this combination – fundamental knowledge and practical skills – that is the basis of my education and the philosophy, if you will, of my current project. The goal of the project is precisely to create the foundations for a new generation of AI systems aimed at solving very concrete, practically important problems.”

Ivan Tyukin, Professor of the Department of Automation and Control Processes of ETU “LETI”
According to the researcher, this fellowship will allow him to work with a world-class team of experts and stakeholders to develop and showcase much-needed solutions to challenges in the healthcare, security, space, and manufacturing sectors. Professor Tyukin plans to involve colleagues from the Department of Automation and Control Processes of ETU “LETI” in the project and cooperate with the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod and Skoltech’s Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering.

“I am excited by the transformative opportunities and impact which this project will create and deliver through established partnerships, participation, and support from large companies like AstraZeneca, Toyota, AWS, CGI, and NTT Data, as well as small to medium-sized enterprises like Bluesky International, Visual Management Systems, Tangi0, Synoptix, plus key project stakeholders from the healthcare sector including University Hospital Leicester, NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre, and the Trauma Audit Research Network. These solutions will enable the creation of a new gold standard for methods in these important areas.”

Ivan Tyukin, Professor of the Department of Automation and Control Processes of ETU “LETI”
Now, at ETU “LETI,” Ivan Tyukin is also working on a project supported by the Russian Science Foundation and aimed at creating equipment with improved noise immunity for data processing and dynamic systems modeling based on vector processors.

“It would probably be fair to say that AI has been my bridge to science from the very beginning. Back in my 3rd-year at ETU “LETI,” my supervisor and teacher, Professor Valery Terekhov, engaged me to science with this very topic, formulated as the problem of using trainable neural networks. Over time, the specific wording slightly changed, but the main interest remained unchanged,” the researcher comments.

The Turing AI Acceleration fellowships aim to accelerate and support the careers of a diverse cadre of the brightest AI researchers enabling them to become world-leading researchers.

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