ETU “LETI”: Science for Animals at LETI Summer School

On July 19-22, ETU “LETI” will hold the second international online school for everyone who wants to participate in interdisciplinary research related to animal well-being, involving veterinary medicine, ethology, biomedicine, computer science, software engineering, and other relevant disciplines.

An international team of experts in animal sciences and animal welfare technologies will conduct classes at the summer school. Students will learn how to use data analytics, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and bioinformatics in ethology and veterinary medicine and try to design solutions for the problems proposed in the school. The most active participants will receive a special prize.

“This topic already is in the spotlight around the globe, but today there are no comprehensive programs that bring together such a wide range of disciplines. This gives us every right to talk about the uniqueness of the multidisciplinary research that we will present at the school.”

Dmitry Kaplun, Associate Professor at the Department of Automation and Control Processes of ETU “LETI,” and head of the program
The summer school program has seven modules that focus on modern technologies for controlling animal behavior and improving animal welfare and well-being. Emotional state recognition will be a special theme this year.

According to Anna Zamansky, Associate Professor of the Department of Information Systems at the University of Haifa (Israel), the organizers paid special attention to the school’s professor team. Among the developers and teachers of the program are representatives of the University of Haifa (Israel), University of Bologna (Italy), Northumbria University (UK), University of Salford (UK), Imperial College London (UK), Georgia Tech (USA), North Carolina State University (USA), University of Kyoto (Japan), etc.

The school organizers will present the first online master’s program Animal Data Science, an in-depth study of research areas centered around the design and development of analytical and computational systems for animals. LETI’s partners in the master’s program will be universities in Israel, the UK, Germany, and Italy.

The first summer online school on Animal-Centered Computing was successfully held at LETI in July 2020. It hosted 68 participants, including students from Georgia Tech, KU Leuven, University of Melbourne, Hokkaido University, and other leading universities around the world. This year, the organizers expect an increase in the number of students due to the accessibility of the online school and the successful experience of the last year.

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