Eupheus Learning Brings Acclaimed Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Solutions to India

New Delhi: Eupheus Learning, the first company to bring end-to-end educational solutions to kids, has partnered with Highlights for Children, International to bring Zaner-Bloser handwriting solutions to India. Zaner-Bloser, part of the Highlights Family of Companies, was founded in 1888 by famed Master penman Charles Paxton Zaner. Zaner-Bloser is the world’s oldest, globally acclaimed handwriting solutions company. It was started as a school of penmanship and academics known as Zanerian College of Penmanship. This partnership will help Eupheus Learning solidify its supplemental skills enhancement catalogue. Some of the other solutions in the catalogue include award winning products like Robograden, Cubetto, Fiction Express, ABC Tiger, etc. This is also Eupheus’ 17th global partnership since its inception two years back in 2017.

These handwriting solutions are aimed at grades K to 6 students and consist of a mix of print and digital solutions. Zaner-Bloser’s handwriting program is a definitive program for handwriting instruction which teaches students to write fluently and legibly in fewer than fifteen minutes a day, from first letters to cursive script. Eupheus Learning and Zaner-Bloser will also be organizing a National-level handwriting competition this year in December for kids throughout India to promote the art of quality handwriting.

The team at Eupheus Learning realized that when students do not adequately develop handwriting skills, the negative implications can be lifelong. Without consistent exposure to handwriting, students can experience difficulty in certain processes required for success in reading and writing, including retrieving letters from memory, reproducing letters on paper, spelling accurately, extracting meaning from text or lecture, and interpreting the context of words and phrases. This can stunt a student’s academic growth. In addition, scientific evidence shows that handwriting is also a dyslexic-specific intervention.

“We were looking to enter the Indian market for a long time, there were a lot of partnership opportunities, but we were waiting for the right one,” said Mr. Michael Davis, Territory Director at Highlights for Children, International. “We believe in Eupheus Learning’s mission to promote the 4C’s – communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Plus, they have a vast reach throughout India with more than 3700 schools and 3.4 Mn children onboard. We are sure that with Eupheus’ help we’ll be able to make a difference in the Indian education space.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Sarvesh Shrivastava, Founder and MD, of Eupheus Learning said, “Our mission is to solidify kids’ learning through curriculum and digital solutions. This is the reason why we have brought in high-end products from all across the globe through our 17 global partnerships. Our research team keeps on studying areas where we can contribute. Research showed that handwriting is one of the most fundamental areas where kids are faltering. Unlike what is generally believed, poor handwriting has some deep rooted consequences which affect a child’s academic growth, so we decided to go ahead and add this to our portfolio. Who better than Zaner-Bloser for this, their legacy in this area is unmatched. We are glad they decided to partner with us. We hope to bring extreme value to our kids through this partnership.”

In the last two years since its inception, Eupheus has been successful in bringing to Indian kids products like the globally-acclaimed Step and Learn, Pickatale, Fiction Express, RoboGarden, etc. It has been recognized widely for its contribution in the Indian education space and more than 3700 schools all over the country have trusted the company. This has helped Eupheus grow to a revenue of around 60 crore in their last financial year of operations.