Eupheus Learning in partnership with RoboGarden Inc., announces the Launch of National Coding Competition ‘Code2Win’ for school students

New Delhi: Eupheus Learning, India’s leading ed-tech company is inviting students from class I to XII for a National Coding Competition “Code2Win,” being held in partnership with RoboGarden Inc., a Canadian ed-tech companyCode2Win begins from 1st September 2021 and concludes on 20th November 2021.

One of the significant reforms through the Ministry of Education’s National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is the introduction of coding classes for students from class 6 onwards. This kind of exposure at such a young age will help students to understand technology from a different perspective. And this competition is aligned with this mandate to break through traditional methodologies and practices to provide more holistic learning for school going students across the country.

Commenting on “Code2Win” Mr Sarvesh Srivastav, Founder, Eupheus Learning said, “Coding, at the fundamental level, promotes identifying problem statements and arriving at a solution in simple steps and in the language which the machines understand. Hence, It promotes critical thinking and creative solutioning. And by organising Code2Win competition, we want to amplify awareness of Coding across the country in the most democratic manner. We have gamified Code2Win Competition which will encourage students to participate in challenges and competitions. Our responsibility is to prepare our youth for the future challenges that will further help them take the new world on the path of creativity and innovation. This competition will develop their competency and encourage them to choose Coding as a life skill.”

This gamified contest lets students put their coding skills to test as they complete different challenges at school and national levels to win scholarships. School going students can participate in the School level championship, and the top three participants in each category from each school will get to compete in the National Finals. These students will be awarded scholarships in coding programs from Eupheus Learning and RoboGarden and subsequently, National winners will be awarded cash Scholarships ranging between INR 100,000 to INR 25,000 based on their rankings.

Commenting on the “Code2Win” Dr. Mohamed Elhabiby CEO of RoboGarden Inc. says, We believe that Code2Win will create bright new opportunities for students and entire communities in India.  Coding and artificial intelligence literacy are essential drivers of success in the digital economy.  The competition is cusomizied to fit the digital India vision by enforcing all required skills for creativity and entrepreneurship for today and the future,”

The contest is divided into three categories and will introduce 15 themed challenges/ missions at the School level. The categories are as follows:

Levels Primary Stage Middle stage Senior Stage
Grades I to IV V to VIII IX to XII
Course Basics of Coding From Blocks to JavaScript Coding using JavaScript

Unlike other competitions, Code2Win introduces 3 new things. (1) It is the most democratic way of amplifying coding program awareness in India. This gamified competition is open for all school-going children of class I to XII (2) The Competition includes preparing every participant through a 1-hour instructor led program, followed by a 4-hour self-paced coding module to practice. This is aligned with NEP 2020’s agenda of overall development rather than rote learning on a subject. (3) It offers students a chance to develop at the School level and then at the National level, through the National Finals.

The top three winners from each category from each school will get to show their skills at the National Level. This means a total number of 9 students from each school will represent their school at the Code2Win National Finals. Each level winners winners will get cash prizes worth and scholarships in the following coding programs:

  • Game Builder in Python
  • Game Builder in JavaScript
  • Game Builder in Blocky