EuroKids Group launches pre-preparatory ‘Bridge Course’ designed to ensure a seamless transition into the new academic year

Mumbai: Parents whose children did not attend the online schooling this academic year need not worry. As a part of the EuroKids Group initiative to facilitate learning and continue supporting the learning journey of your child, the group announced the launch of a ‘Pre-Preparatory Course – Bridge Course’ across the network of schools.

The course will be offered to the students of EuroSchool & Billabong High International School from Nursery to Grade 1 at no additional fee in a bid to empower and prepare students for the next grade.

The bridge course will mainly focus on academics and enhancing the skills required to ensure that children are well prepared for the next academic year. The course structure will be ‘virtual’ through a combination of methods such as videos, worksheets, activities, experiments and interactive games. It will help the students in reading, writing, math/number sense, comprehension, logical and critical thinking.

Rahul Deshpande, CEO, EuroSchool & Billabong High International School, said, “We always consider our parents as our true partners in the learning journey of their children. We realized that in the current scenario, with limited access to curated quality learning, it has become even more important to build a sense of confidence among young children and parents as they start a new academic year.


I am thrilled to announce this wonderfully designed pre-preparatory Bridge Course. This will help children learn important concepts & revisit fundamental topics in an engaging and fun-filled manner before going to next grade. The goal is to ensure children are mentally, emotionally and ‘academically’ prepped up for the new academic year. Over the last 18 years, we have played an active role in the evolution of the education landscape with our portfolio of schools committed to delivering a robust foundation for future generations. We encourage parents to walk the journey with us and facilitate the holistic development of their children.”

Grades Covered As Part Of The Bridge Course:

· Pre-kindergarten (Nursery) to Kindergarten (Junior Kg)

· Jr. KG to Sr. KG

· Sr. KG (Kindergarten) to Grade 1

**on parent-request, we will also extend the Bridge Course for Grade 1 up to Grade 5 children to support their learning journey.


Duration – 1month to 2 months


Course Structure & Syllabus –

A. Modules – Based on Literacy and Language and Mathematics concepts

B. Structure – Video lessons and Worksheets, Activities, Experiments and Interactive games


C. The course structure is designed to focus on enhancing the Transdisciplinary skills that are mainly required to be well prepared for the next grade like:


· Self-management,

· Language/Communication,

· Math & number sense

· Social & Emotional,

· Logical, critical thinking & Research skills

Parents’ participation will be required to support children as they learn virtually and if the child faces any difficulty or need extra intervention during the course.

Parents who are taking admission this year & for the next academic year i.e. 2021-2022 in EuroSchool & Billabong High International School will benefit from this course.

EuroKids Group encompasses EuroSchool & Billabong High International School (BHIS)– a network of 35+ K-12 schools across the country.