EuroSchool, Ahmedabad student shine at Gujarat State Open, won two silver medals

Ahmedabad : Rakshika Ravi, grade 10 student of a leading chain of schools EuroSchool, Ahmedabad won two silver medals in Gujarat state open Pickleball sports. She has added one more feather in her cap by making the school proud. Rakshika’s achievement is testimony to the incredible support and nurturing environment that EuroSchool is providing to their students despite the pandemic!


Pickleball is a paddleball sport that combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Rakshika has managed to win two silver medals, one in women’s double event and women’s singles too.


Rakshika Ravi, student of EuroSchool, Ahmedabad, said, “Currently am in grade 10 and this is a crucial period for any student. And I am grateful to my school for showing support and guiding me not just in my sports career but also in helping me academically. My school has helped me in my overall development. They have not just helped me in my academics but also encouraged me to participate in different co-curricular activities & sports for my overall development.”


Delighted with Rakshika’s achievement, Gurinder Kaur, Principal, EuroSchool, Ahmedabad, said, “It is overwhelming to see our students thinking beyond the classroom and succeeding in different sports at state, national and even international level. Rakshika has truly set a benchmark for us in the way she has won silver medals in both the categories of Pickleball sports. At EuroSchool, we encourage children to discover their inner strengths and bring their ideas to life. Rakshika has created a huge impact and is an inspiration to her classmates and all of us by winning two silver medals. We wish her the best of luck to win many more such medals and become a big athlete one day.”


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