EuroSchool Whitefield, Bangalore receives reputed International Dimension in Schools Award from British Council


Bangalore  : The Whitefield Campus of EuroSchool, a leading network of K-12 schools has been awarded the British Council International Dimension in Schools Award/ Certificate for the period 2022-25 by British Council. International Dimension in Schools (IDS) supports schools that have shown a commitment to embed international awareness and global citizenship within their classroom teaching practices and school. The award was earlier known as the International School Award.

The EuroSchool Whitefield team has been consistent in their commitment to innovation and international exposure for their students. Over 2 years, EuroSchool Whitefield collaborated with six schools in five different countries like The International Montessori School- Hong Kong, Bay House School & Sixth Form- United Kingdom, Gaindakot English School- Nepal, Snowdrops Academy of English, Colombo & Hambantota, Srilanka, and Linsy School and Scholars Crest Schools in Nigeria. Engaging exchange programmes were held for students from Grade Pre-primary to Grade 10.

Under this program, different projects were carried out in collaboration with international schools, such as: A Melting Pot of Cultures- where students exchanged their experiences and learning about festivals, celebrations, dance forms and cultures with students from Hong Kong. We collaborated on Math particularly with projects revolving around Shapes Around Us with the students of Nepal. Food was the theme of collaboration with the School in Sri Lanka and Environmental Issues brought us working together with the School in the United Kingdom!

Ms. Shruthi Yalamalli Arun, Principal, EuroSchool, Whitefield, Bangalore, said, “We are honoured to receive this coveted Certification from the British Council. The highlight of this program was collaborative, curriculum-based work with the international partner schools and involvement of the wider community, resulting in a host of benefits for our students and teachers alike. Some of the benefits include an increased knowledge, awareness and tolerance of other countries, cultures and languages, improved confidence in communicating with people from different backgrounds and nationalities, enhanced skills in collaborative research and presentation techniques, preparation to successfully live and work in a global and mobile society, and literacy skills through writing stories, reports, reflection and communication for audiences. Our teachers and parents have been great support in this journey to make this program successful. We are proud of achieving an outstanding overall score and a full score particularly for collaboration, which is testimony to the excellent quality of our work!”