EuroSchool & WNS Cares Foundation collaborate to teach Children Netiquettes

Mumbai: Technology is changing the way we live, work and learn to result in blurring the differences between the actual & virtual world. This transition is also leading to a multiple threats growing to our identity & safety in the virtual worlds. There is a fast growing need to educate and empower our children to be able to connect, create, grow and ensure their complete safety amidst this environment. EuroSchool Airoli is taking a special initiative with WNS Cares Foundation to ensure that students & parents are well aware, understand and safeguard themselves from the possible threat of the cyber-threats in the virtual world.

Spreading the significance of ‘netiquette’, EuroSchool and WNS Cares Foundation conducted a webinar on safe cyber behaviour earlier today considering the current pandemic situation has resulted in children spending significant unsupervised time online. WNS Cares Foundation (WCF), Honorary Chief Mentor- Shamini Murugesh along with Sonali Patankar, Founder – Responsible Netism discussed the importance of safe cyber behaviour and how parents and children could shield themselves against possible threats in the virtual world.

Ms. Sudeshna Chatterjee, Director Principal of EuroSchool Airoli said, “As our world becomes increasingly digital, the challenges what we face on day to day basis are also changing. Keeping our children safe in today’s virtual landscape should be on top of every parent’s priority list. As schools, parents and children learn to adapt to the virtual way of life, digital-led platforms like CyberSmart will empower us to enable students to use cyberspace judiciously. Understanding cyber safety is more significant when working with, or caring for, young children as they cannot make their own decisions.”

“It is heartening to see educational institutes like EuroSchool join us in the mission to create awareness about safe cyber behaviour. The pandemic has pushed us to resort to virtual means of imparting education. Coupled with India’s giant leap in digital learning initiatives, the need to identify protocols for a safe cyber landscape, has now become even more important than ever before,” said Shamini Murugesh, Honorary Chief Mentor, WCF.

The live session was attended by students, teachers and parents from all 11 EuroSchool branches also attended the webinar.