Events of the Year of Science and Technology continue in Russia

One of the objectives of the thematic year is to tell what scientific names and achievements Russia can be proud of, to involve talented youth in the field of science and to make the image of a scientist more modern. Throughout the year, with the support of the state, various educational events are held with the participation of leading scientists.
On the portal https: //godnauki.rf/ the most interesting from the world of science is told in a popular form. It contains announcements of events, special projects, news about the discoveries of domestic scientists, excursions into historical dates, virtual tours, competitions, a variety of video content and much more.

Each month of the Year of Science and Technology is dedicated to a specific information block. For example, in August they discuss the topic of climate and ecology, in September – genetics and quality of life. In July, they talked about the connectedness of territories and the development of space.

Anyone can take part in the events of the Year of Science and Technology or propose their own event. All the details on the information portal https: //godnauki.rf/


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