“Every Indian citizen is fighting this war like a soldier,” says #PMModi on #MannKiBaat.

New Delhi: India’s fight against Coronavirus is people-driven. This fight is being fought by the people and the administration together. Every citizen as a soldier is fighting this war says PM Narendra Modi in ‘Mann ki Baat’.

A vast country such as India, with its proactive endeavor on the path of development is fighting a decisive battle against poverty. This is the only medium it possesses to fight the Corona and triumph over it says PM . We are fortunate that today country; every citizen of country; every person is a soldier in this battle; nay, leading the battle. Cast a glance anywhere, you’ll notice that India’s fight is people driven at time when world is trying to extricate itself from clutches of pandemic says PM.

In future when it will be dwelt upon in hindsight; when ways and means will be reflected upon, I do believe that India’s people driven fight will also be touched upon says PM.