‘Everything is not lockdown’ encourage people to relish the days of Lockdown

New Delhi: With the turmoil of coronavirus going across the country, people are getting panicky, anxious, and desperate as each day flies by. Amid this lockdown days Mr. Vivek Thakkar, a twenty – two year old concept designer, has created a short video of his family showcasing that lockdown does not mean an end of happy times. “Everything is not Lockdown” spreads the message that while we may not be able to go out or continue living life as we used to, there are still many things one can do instead of reminiscing the past days. Lockdown does not mean an end to imagination, creativity, learning, and praying. The video shows how one can use this opportunity to take a step back from his busy life and start enjoying little things he has been blessed with. Spending time with family, doing yoga and meditations, getting full hours of sleep are some of the things one can enjoy during the lockdown period. Before this video, Vivek has composed Maro desh khilse Gujrat khilse, a regional Gujrati video. The video has also been mentioned by PM Narendra Modi in one of his tweets. Everything is not Lockdown is like a beacon of light showing the path in the dark days.