Exceptional 4th Wave of Recruitment for École Polytechnique’s Masters of Science & Technology Programs

The COVID-19 global pandemic and the closure of borders has temporarily suspended academic study options for many students, especially those looking at international academic opportunities. École Polytechnique, continually striving to accompany all candidates in the best way possible in face of the current crisis, has decided to open an exceptional 4th wave of applications for its 8 Masters of Science & Technology (MSc&T) programs that will be held online from May 18th to June 19th.

Students forced to reevaluate their initial academic study options or those who have simply not yet made the choice of pursuing a Master’s degree due to the current health crisis (French or other nationalities) will have the opportunity this year to apply to these Masters programs revolving around key current environmental, economic, and technological themes. Cutting-edge two-year scientific programs taught entirely in English, the Masters of Science & Technology programs feature 60% international students. The key themes covered by these programs as well as an employability rate of 60% before graduation make these eight specializations particularly attractive for students.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, École Polytechnique has taken the necessary measures in order to immediately offer its students of all programs and backgrounds a continuity in their courses and exams. MSc&T courses can be followed remotely via the digital platforms made available by the school. École Polytechnique strives to make the start of the 2020 academic year as smooth as possible for all, by adapting programs as needed depending on the current situation.