Experience of activities in a small rural school in laboratory conditions

At the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, within the framework of the special course “The Uniqueness of Educational Activities in Rural Educational Organizations”, another group of students – future primary school teachers – is being trained.
The course is taught by members of the pedagogical laboratory of the rural school of PetrSU.
At present, within the framework of the discipline “The Uniqueness of Educational Activities in Rural Educational Organizations”, correspondence students of the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education of PetrSU receive not only theoretical but also practical training. During this period, students study remotely, therefore, playing the lesson is tested, including in the format of distance learning, which is especially relevant in modern educational conditions.

In the classroom, students are invited to take part in modeling (developing, playing, analyzing) one of the types (types, models) of lessons for a small school – “Traditional lesson in technology for a group of different ages in a class-set of 2 primary school grades”.

Within the framework of this course, each student has the opportunity to take an active part in modeling the educational process in a small school; to gain practical experience in the development, planning, design, implementation (playback) and analysis of different types and models of lessons in the technology of a different age group in a classroom of different ages, a set of primary school in laboratory conditions.

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