Experts Deliberate on Impact of COVID-19 on Global Healthcare at IIHMR Webinar

Jaipur:International healthcare experts deliberated on the impact of CVOVID-19 on all aspects of human life at a webinar organized by the IIHMR University, a premier higher education institution in the field of healthcare management and development studies. The global health care experts included Professor Ashish Chandra, Healthcare Administration, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Texas, USA; Prof. Adnan Kisa, Professor, Kristiania University, Norway; Dr. D. K. Mangal, Dean Research, IIHMR University; Prof. William B. Stroube, Professor, Health Services Administration, University of Evansville (USA); and Dr. P. R. Sodani, Pro President, IIHMR University, Jaipur.


“One of the biggest challenges that the people are scared to go to the hospitals. In the US, The numbers of cases are 6.78 million till the 18 September. However, scholars are estimating the actual numbers are ten times that, which means almost 68 million people may have been exposed to COVID-19. 68 million is closed to 20 percent of the US population, that means 1 of 5 people walking around may have COVID 19.One more thing we must keep in mind that testing is not 100 percent perfect.Different testing is giving different types of results: In some testing, there is false the positive rate of about 30 per cent which means 3 out of ten COVID tested positive may not be positive. The reverse can go the same way, how many of them tested negative but should have tested positive,” said Professor Ashish Chandra, Healthcare Administration, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Texas, USA

“The organizations worldwide are fighting against this pandemic and so many people or the community are affected by this crisis including poor people, migrants. We are facing challenges for access to the healthcare, safety of the human and as well as health workforce, supply chain logistics issues, and even financial stress is also there in the community. COVID-19has given an opportunity to think some alternative opportunities otherwise this society could not think of those innovations,” said Dr. P.R. Sodani, Pro-President, and Dean, IIHMR University

“More than thousand clinical trials are going on and over 150 treatments being tested; pharmaceutical companies are privatizing their research agenda and investing in this global health problem. If you look at diagnostics, companies are focusing on developing a vaccine, drug, and treatment products, but they need to produce eolith of testing kits right now, because all countries are suffering insufficient numbers of testing kits. So, pharmaceutical companies should also focus to find the best and most reliable testing kit to identify or diagnose this disease,” said Prof. Adnan Kisa, Professor, Kristiania University, Norway.

“India has reported5.3 a million cases of COVID-19, because of our population is higher than other countries in this region. In the month of April and May, several researches have reported that this region will have a high number of cases, but their predictions didn’t come true – a climate in this region is hot and humid, vaccination and use of anti-malarial drugs are routine here,” said Dr. D. K. Mangal, Dean Research, IIHMR University.

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