Exploring the Origin and Evolution of Awadhi Cuisine: Rishihood University Hosts Virtual Conference

New Delhi: Rishihood University, a social impact university with a mission to transform the way students make career choices and decisions, hosted a virtual conference Awadh ke Zaike Ka Safar – with Shahanshah Mirza. The initiative, in collaboration with Gateway Education, aimed to explore the origin and evolution of Awadhi Cuisine and gave a glimpse of how Indian cuisine has found gracious presence on international menus today.

The conference was graced by Shahanshah Mirza, the great-great-grandson of the last Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah. He elaborated on the legacy of the age-old cuisine and took the participants on a journey through the times when the Nawabs ruled Awadh. He shared beautiful stories of the lifestyle and values of the royal family, and talked about the profound influence Awadhi Cuisine has on the greater Indian Culinary traditions. The conference also witnessed a special guest Chef Davinder Kumar (Senior Vice President- F&B Production at Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi and President of Indian Culinary Forum) to represent the hospitality industry.

The esteemed speakers guided students aspiring to choose hospitality as their profession discussing how the industry shall bounce back and shall progress even better across the world. The session was an interactive one and participants raised some interesting questions.

Shahanshah Mirza exhibited sincere concern towards the preservation of authentic recipes which utilize premium ingredients and freshly ground spices as the foundation of dishes, instead of using powdered spices readily available in the market. He also requested professionals in the industry and aspiring chefs to develop a deep passion for the art of cooking.

Dr. Rajan Makkar, Dean, School of Hospitality, Rishihood University, who moderated the event said, “We got an in-depth knowledge of Mughlai and Awadhi cuisines as Mr. Mirza shared valuable insights on the origin and evolution of Awadhi food and its influence and contribution to modern Indian cuisine. We also got to know about the royal service protocols implemented to serve the guests of repute. This tradition still continues in royal families to this day”

The School of Hospitality at Rishihood University will be functional by 2021. The university believes that with the help of such sessions, not only students get to know about the art of hospitality from experts but also create an environment conducive to experimentation. The hospitality industry also needs new protocols for safety, hygiene and sanitation as well as the emergence of contactless guest service to prepare hospitality schools to equip students with knowledge and skills relevant to the industry post-COVID-19.


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