Extension Lecture on “Climatic change, its impact on Cryosphere” held at AS College


SRINAGAR : The PG Department of Geography, Amar Singh College organised an extension Lecture based on the theme “Climatic change and its impact on Cryosphere”.

Resource person for the event was Dr Pervaiz Ahmed, Professor Department of Geography and Disaster Management, University of Kashmir.

The inaugural session was attended by the Principal, Amarsingh College, Prof .Bashir Ahmed Rather, faculty members of the institution and the students.

Principal of the College, Prof. Bashir in his presidential address stressed to organise such series of Lectures in future. He said that Global warming has led to serious changes across the globe and if the Climatic changes are not analysed properly it will hamper research and policy to be framed in the long run.

In this backdrop he suggested that the objective of future scholars should be studying adverse effects of Climatic change and minimising its effect which can save planet Earth from any imminent catastrophe.

The Resource person for the event, Dr Pervaiz highlighted that the condition of Glaciers are the best indicators of Climatic change in the mountainous regions. Over the last few decades Global warming has led to widespread shrinking of the Cryosphere with mass loss from ice sheets and glaciers due to steep increase in carbon dioxide levels.

He further Stressed that projected temperature has shown critical levels, thinning of glaciers and increase in discharge which can be disastrous in the long run.

He suggested students to go for holistic research in this nascent field which has ample scope for research which can subsequently be used as a ready reckoner to policy makers for timely intervention to save planet earth from this climatic disaster .This medley of research and policy action can go in a long way to make research in this field relevant, remarked Dr Parvez.

Earlier, Head of PG Department of Geography, Dr Mujahid Ahmed besides welcoming the guest introduced the nitty gritty of the topic. Dr. Mujahid stressed that many ecosystems and communities depend on the Cryosphere and global warming has led to widespread shrinkage of Cryosphere.

Dr. Mujahid Ahmed stressed that this extension Lecture will motivate the scholars research in this specific field.


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