‘Farm talks’ with Hosachiguru on 24th July;  an online session on the types of farming for an urban dweller

Bengaluru: Hosachiguru, a Bengaluru-based farm asset management startup, is hosting Farm Talks, an informative session on the different types of farming that an urban dweller can pursue. The online event will be held on 24th July at 5.30PM on Hosachiguru’s Facebook and Youtube page.

Srinath Setty, Director of Hosachiguru will host a Live facebook and Youtube session to talk about the types of farming, tips for growing the right plantation, how to invest in farmplots, benefits of managed farmplots, legal aspects of owning a farm and many other aspects related to living a life closer to nature.

Srinath Setty, along with his co-founders Sriram Chitlur and Ashok J, started Hosachiguru with a two fold goal in mind- one, to give back to the environment by growing trees instead of structures, two, to help individuals easily own, manage and reap the benefits of farmplots. Originating from the Kannada word ‘hosa’ which means ‘new’ and ‘chiguru’ which means ‘sprout’, the idea behind Hosachiguru is to create farm plots that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

Owning a Hosachiguru farm plot offers an opportunity for land owners to be in sync with nature, enjoy the outdoor life and indulge in community activities. Each Hosachiguru farm plots has a farmhouse/guest house for weekend getaways with family and friends. From reading pods to cycling tracks, bonfire to camping, Hosachiguru farm plots offer a lifestyle close to nature.


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